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Many electronic devices and appliances consume energy even when they are turned off or not in use; the extra electricity being used is referred to as “phantom loads” or “phantom electricity”. The phenomenon is also as a thief who steals electricity when you sleep, step away, or when you are not in the house. The electricity unnecessarily consumed by these devices or appliances results hidden energy cost and pollution emitted into our environment. It is important that consumers should choose electronics that are more energy efficient, and manufacturers utilize more energy-efficient features in their product design process.

Phantom Electricity Facts:

  • 40% of all the electricity used to power the home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off. Across the US, this equals the annual output of 17 power plants. Consumer spend nearly $4 billion.
  • Consumers spend nearly $4 billion a year for electricity they use for appliances and electronics that are off or in the standby mode. That comes to an average of around $200 per family annually.
  • If all office computers and monitors in the U.S. were set to sleep when not being used, the country could save more than 44 billion kWh or $4 billion worth of electricity and avoid the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of about 5 million cars each year.

--- Source: Energy Star www.energystar.gov

Tips for reducing energy consumption:

  • Unplug electronic devices: think about the items that you do not use frequently; unplug them after each use. This is the easiest way to eliminate unnecessary energy loss.
  • Use Power Strips: plug the devices into a power strip; this allows you to shut off everything with one “switch-off” action. Or choose an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch.
  • Use Sleep Mode: Set the device into sleep mode or completely turn it off when it is not in use.

Aurora shredders provide Energy Saving Features that automatically powers-off the machine after a period of inactivity, as energy-efficient solutions to help protect the environment:

1. Energy Saving: Automatically powers-off after a preset idle time for energy saving.
2. Auto-Restart: instant wake by simply inserting paper without powering up. Zero energy consumption in standby mode.

When you plan to purchase new home electronic product, look for the energy saving features and efficiently apply the tips for reducing energy use. By taking these steps you can save on your electricity bill and with little effort on your part to help our environment.