12 Sheet Medium Duty Crosscut Shredder

Shredder will not run in Auto or Reverse (No power / motor sound).

  • Make sure the outlet is in good working order.
  • Make sure to set the shredder in the "Auto/On" mode.
  • The shredder may have overheated with extended use. If shredder has been operated continuously beyond the maximum running time, the motor will get too hot and will automatically shut off. Turn the shredder off and let cool for 30 minutes or longer before resuming normal operation.
  • The machine is engineered to only work when properly positioned onto the wastebasket. This prevents the head unit from continually running if it happens to be accidentally knocked over, removed, or lifted off the wastebasket.

    On the back edge of the head unit, there is a "curved flap-like shape" next to the power cord, that MUST FIT OVER THE OUTSIDE of the matching ridge of the wastebasket. When seated correctly, the safety interlock between the head unit and wastebasket is engaged.

    NOTE: Do not push to compact waste material, since this may distort the overall shape of the wastebasket and affect the safety interlocking function.

    *Some models will have a green indicator light signaling the shredder is "Ready" for use.
  • Be sure not to tilt the cover completely open beyond the "first" preset position, otherwise the ShredSafe power cut-off feature will be activated and the shredder will be inoperable. A green indicator light will signal when the shredder is ready for use when tilting the cover.

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